Come on,share us some interesting things about computer.

December 19, 2012 10:13pm CST
I start with a funny thing happened many years ago,I was a technology supporter,sometimes need to answer questions about a software.Once a user called me and said the F7 key is not work,F7 can trigger a function in the software,it's weird,cause the function had been used for million of times.So I doubted it must be a hardware problem.I went to the user's office,and let him demonstrate the problem,he quickly pressed key F and 7,then said to me,"see,it's not work." Faint on the spot.....
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@Hatley (164647)
• Garden Grove, California
25 Dec 12
ha ha thanks for my first laugh of the day songst557 My friend's son once worked for a computer repair place and he got this question from a lady with a new computer"Where is the place to slide in her Cds:" So he told her and she came back"But thats to hold my coffee" .He could not reply as he was laughing too hard. I can tell one one myself. My friend took me shopping the other evening and when I came back about six thirty pm. she had turned out my lamp but worst of all she turned off my computer just by shutting it off with out going through the proper steps. So I pressed the button to turn on my computer and the light went on on my keyboard but no light on my monitor. I was so angry I forgot how to just turn on my monitor and even went downstairs to getr Rocky to come up and get my computer to work. After he left without being able to help me,my common sense finally overcame my anger and I simply pushed the right button and was on. But oddly she had done something to take me off the internet But that was no problem as I am on cable so turned off m y computer and reset the modem and the router, turned on my computer and was back on the internedt.