Bingo with the kindergarteners

@dorannmwin (36698)
United States
December 21, 2012 4:16pm CST
Yesterday was the last day of school before Christmas break for my children. Well, on Wednesday night I got an email from Paul's teacher letting me know that their class was going to be playing bingo and she wanted to invite the parents to come play with the kids as well. I was already going to be at the school because their bingo game was just a little bit after the talent show so I decided that I would go to his classroom and play with them as well. I've mentioned before that Paul is in a Spanish immersion program and what I learned by going to play bingo with the kids is that they are all absorbing their second language and they played their game all in Spanish. Paul's being immersed in Spanish through half of his school day is definitely something that has been very good for him and for his classmates as well. Because of this I'm so happy that I made the decision to enroll him in a non-traditional school program. Do any of you who are also parents have any kind of experience with magnet programs for their children? If you do have any kind of experience with magnet programs would you care to share your experiences? Paul's is the first experience that I have with one of the magnet programs in our area, but I'm considering seeing if Kathryn can test into a full-time gifted and talented program when she is getting ready to start middle school. She gets gifted resources at school now, but I think that the full-time program would be very good for her.
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@cynthiann (18619)
• Jamaica
23 Dec 12
What a wonderful school your children go to. As an old teacher I like the concepts that you expressed. I would have loved tro have gone and played bingo with the kids but nthey would have had to help me with Spanish. Go for it with Kathryn as she sounds a very talented young lady. Best of luck to b oth of them. My twins speak Arabic but I have not found anyone who would speak to thewm so that they could improve. I am told that they accent is impeccable.They also speak a little French but our here they started Spanish this term. I am trying to learn it with them