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@NailTech (6890)
United States
December 23, 2012 9:58am CST
I made some cookies and also some cake balls recently. They turned out fine, taste-wise but alittle sweet like most holiday treats nowadays. I was wondering though if they didn't look as good as they were supposed to but you still liked how they tasted, and if you bought similar treats and they looked better than they tasted, which one would you rather eat? I come to the conclusion that if it tastes good then it doesn't matter how it really looks if something didn't turn out just right. If the food tastes horrible I won't touch it at all. Are you the same way or prefer to only eat food that looks good rather than tastes good? It would be best to eat food or sweets that look and taste good but only if you had to chose one from the other.
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@911Ricki (13602)
• Canada
23 Dec 12
I would rather have taste over look, myself. I know many who nit pick the look over it, then refuse to eat it. I think those people and their personalities get to me. They usually are ungrateful of money, and overall thought of it. I would perfer homemade baking over store boughten.
• United States
23 Dec 12
If it does not look good I am never going to try them.
@STOUTjodee (3474)
• United States
23 Dec 12
Most of the time when I'm baking, whatever it is that I'm making usually tastes better than it looks! Or the first time I male something it will turn out picture perfect but not taste as good as it looks. So some times looks can be deceiving!
@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
23 Dec 12
Home made seldom looks that great as from a factory. This doesn't have to do with the way you make it but also with the quality of the flour etc. But home made is prepared with love, time, energy and also way more healthy. I would go for the homemade and if it comes to the looks, there are plenty of ways to make a "spoiled" dish looking better (be creative). Also there is no need to let homemade look the way it does as if it comes out of the factory. I will not eat horrible tasting or smelling! food either. Recipes I mostly change I don't like those (extra) sweet tastes and by now I also know what kind of flavours I don't need to add since nobody will like it.
• Malaysia
23 Dec 12
Hi nailtech, i will definetely taste the cookies that looks good first,then i will eat the part that is nice like the raisins or nuts and leave the rest. Undeniable that some cookies the uglier it looks the better it taste. Actually different people have different way of palate cos i know there are few cafe that is serving food that is considered as not tasty but still there are customers pratonizing the cafe.
• Philippines
23 Dec 12
no, I'll better taste it first. I just don't eat exotic foods though its look good. lol
• Singapore
23 Dec 12
I'll prefer to eat food that taste better than they look... But only if my family/friends tell me it actually tastes better than it looks.