I don't want to work...am I a threat to them?

December 23, 2012 10:25am CST
...and just stay at home. I am tired of commuting all these years, none of a job I hold longer than 3 months, all of them are just 1-2 months. I see people are treated me like a nutty, while I am obedient, loyal and hardworking. I am not being appreciated also, all the credits went to my workmates. This really makes me lose confidence and passion to work with people again. No matter how hard I try to get in par with them, it is always not acceptable. What is wrong with me? Am I look ugly or am I a threat to them? Or intelligent? I understand what my work is and do what I do but still no satisfaction from their part. I don't know.
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@marguicha (104015)
• Chile
23 Dec 12
I hope you will find a job you like as soon as possible. I read some days ago that you only work part time. We don`t have many of these jobs in my country. Have you tried talking to your coworkers? Maybe they can give you hints about what to do.
• Malaysia
23 Dec 12
I am finding it for a week now, what kitty says really wake me up. I shouldn't be so shy communicating with people, these are the things that are making me failed all the time, but anyhow I shall start to correct and stand up myself now. I just complained to the cashiers at 7 eleven the other day, they was rude to me, and I felt relieved for doing so.
@SomeCowgirl (32266)
• United States
23 Dec 12
I don't think that you are a threat to them, but I think that they walk all over you. The next time someone else takes credit for your hard work you need to stand up for yourself and let them know it was YOU who did it not the other person. If it causes you to lose your job so be it, but to let others take credit for YOUR hard work.. No I would never do that.
23 Dec 12
Agreed...because you are a hard worker show confidence that you know you're doing the right thing and don't take their bullying. Gain your peers respect and you'll be fine. Once you start letting them walk over you then they'll know they can do it again.
@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
23 Dec 12
What is "wrong" with you is that you are NOT taking your legal place. You arrive/show up and stay at the side. You let others take the credit for what you do and accept that. You are way too polite and people feel that inmediately. That is why they use you like a nobody, take credit for what you do. So be someone! Open up your mouth, say what you want. Even if you won't keep that job for long at least you will feel greater because you show you, you fight for your rights, which is good ofr your self confidence.
• Malaysia
23 Dec 12
hey kitty, you really awaken me, I know now I need to show own self to people now. Thanks for letting me know. Help a lot. Have a nice day and early merry xmas.
@dandan07 (1908)
• China
25 Dec 12
Here in my workplace, freshman usually should do more works, have the responsibility to keep the environment clean and sometimes have to do works as assistance with no payment. It is very hard and very boring. In most of the time, freshman can not get suitable payment from their works and respect from co-worker. But after two or three years work, they will get the trust from their boss and have a improvement, then life will be much better. I think in your case, you do not have enough time to show your existence and hardworking to your boss and co-workers, so that you are always neglected by other people. You should really do something make them know that you are there.
@chiyosan (30205)
• Philippines
24 Dec 12
I do think most companies nowadays are always hiring for contractual people. most of the contracts are at a minimum of a month lasting up to a maximum of 5 months,after which the contracted employee had to be released from the contract. renewal meant that their position is crucial to the company operations and according to some laws, they should be obliged to regularized this employee if required to work for more than 5 months continuously. a regularized employee had to be given benefits and so on, thus companies try to elude this. This is probably not because of you, not your performance nor they are taking it against you as a threat. of course if you were able to show how great you are of an asset to a company, then in the short time they would be able to give you,, you should be able to prove that and they might give you the chance to be a regular employee in the company.
@prashu228 (25516)
• India
23 Dec 12
Hi I agree with kitty too when we don't speak up people take us for granted ans take all credit of our work. I hope you really wake up now and stand for your self. All the best friend.