Have you prepared for Christmas night?

@besweet (7220)
December 24, 2012 7:29pm CST
Today I did the last preparations, I bought a turkey with my mum for the dinner and everything else that we needed for the turkey filling and the side plates. We have invited my dad's relatives for family dinner. Also, I painted my nails and took care some details in order to look good because I will go out with my friends after the dinner! I had bought the Caviar manicure and now I have cute and shiny pearls on my nails! Lol I have decided what to wear as well and tomorrow I will help my mother prepare the turkey. I am a good cooker but when it comes to big dinners I leave my mother in charge and I am helping! Additionally, I have never cooked a whole turkey before, with the filling etc! I am sure that tomorrow is going to be great! What are your plans for Christmas night? Happy Christmas to all!
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