what you have in your beg

@ungu89 (2001)
December 25, 2012 2:23am CST
i was walking around few of my friends blog. what the thing u must have in your beg??? compact powder (surely i will always bring this) lipstick! oh! i have it..especially if in red color. for me, i just bring my lip balm. blusher?? ermmmm....think hard...no for me! comb??? what?? i don't need them... maybe if just for man... pin? ermm.. i always bring spare on it.. in case something happen to my cloth when i go anywhere. what can other thing you will bring.? pleas do give any answer on money/handphone- surely u will bring this . hahha
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@dorannmwin (36695)
• United States
26 Dec 12
Well, I always have to have my cell phone and also my keys with me, those are the two things that have the most priority when I leave my house. The next thing that I make sure that I have with me is that I have my driver's license with me when I am going out, especially if I know that I will be driving or if there is a chance that I might want to have a drink when I'm out. I keep my debit card on my so that I'm able to access money as I need it. While I know that most women do carry makeup with them, but I'm not one of those women that carries any kind of makeup with me.
@ungu89 (2001)
• Malaysia
27 Dec 12
really u don't bring any of them?