If He's the Right Guy.. He won't leave..

December 25, 2012 2:40pm CST
Yeah that's right! If he really is for you.. He will never leave you no matter what happens. Even if girls flirt to him, he will just be contented of you.. I really admire those faithful people to their partners. They are really those persons who really know what love is. I may be unlucky in terms of this stuff, I am sure, time will come that I will be lucky too. :)
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@mariaperalta (19094)
• Mexico
25 Dec 12
So do I, but women just like men cheat. Its wrong. Hope it never happens to you there. Good luck with your love life. merry xmas...
31 Dec 12
This comments is short and sweet. It also makes the most sense. People needs to stop always, bashing us men. Woman cheat just as bad, if not worse. And it seems they are always encouraged too. No I am not saying all females are like this. So females shouldn't say all us men are like that.
4 Feb 13
I really feel sorry for you. Life has to move on you can't keep thinking about it . It's time to prove who you are . Seriously thank god am fortunate in that way , got a good partner who can be trusted to the core caring besides me always . Going through this is really hard I can understand but it's of no use feeling for that. Keep smiling . Happy my lotting :)
@Angelpink (4022)
• Philippines
29 Dec 12
You said it very correctly ! For everything that happen , there is a reason , maybe you're really not destined for each other. There is that someone whom God has prepared for you. Be happy then for God reserves the best for you ! Don't go for rush , he will come in most unexpected place and time. All you need to do now is to pray for that good person to come and to do only good things in this lifetime.
@jenny1015 (13389)
• Philippines
29 Dec 12
Girls with guys like them can be really lucky. And I am hoping that all guys will be the same so that relationships will last longer. I know that there could be girls being unfaithful sometimes, too. But I think there are a lot more guys than girls who become unfaithful.
• Jacksonville, Florida
25 Dec 12
I thank God that I found my husband because he is such a faithful man. He has always stuck by me and loved me no matter what. We lost 2 children together due to miscarriages, we have been homeless together, had to live with my parents, etc... But he has always loved me and stayed with me! I am glad I am with him. He is very different from most men.
@liezel25 (292)
• Germany
25 Dec 12
Don't lose hope. I'm sure love comes in a way. Maybe your partner isn't man enough for you. People like that are disrespectful so its better to leave and make everything right for yourself :)
@MoonGypsy (4613)
• United States
25 Dec 12
i can honestly say that is the kind of relationship i have with my husband. neither of us has ever cheated on each other the whole time we are together. in fact, the last four days are the first times we ever spent apart for one minute. that is because i was in vegas visiting is mom (my kids' grandma). i love my baby. i am so fortunate to have him.
@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
25 Dec 12
How come women always say other women flirt with.. Mostly the men go for "hunting" which I call flirting. The need in men still to be found young, funny, attractive, a hunk, etc is way higher as it is in women.