Responsible News Story?

@bobmnu (8160)
United States
December 27, 2012 1:21am CST
It seems that one newspaper thinks that publishing who has a permit to carry is news. If I were a resident of the area covered by the newspaper I would be upset. If I were a resident of that area and did not own a guns I would be outraged because the paper just painted a target on my house telling criminals that my house is safe to rob because I don't have a gun and can't fight back. If I lived in that community I would not buy the newspaper and would tell the advertiser that I can not support them if they continue to give their support (advertising) to an irresponsible newspaper that is putting the community in danger by pointing out houses where guns could be stolen from and those homes that are unprotected. If you could get two or three of the major advertisers to pull their ads for a couple of weeks it would put a major hurt on the paper which is totally irresponsible.
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@rohanmona (160)
• India
28 Dec 12
Agreed. But lady, this is how newspaper works. For example, they give a list of recent millionaires for robbers to have their next target to. But the same information is used by many as an inspiration too. So it all depends. You have to accept the fact the way it is. Remember no matter how gifted you are, you alone can't change the world.