True Salvation

December 29, 2012 9:45pm CST
There is only one way to receive true salvation that is to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. So repent and be baptized everyone of you In Jesus Name for the remission of your sins, Believe In Jesus Christ alone He is the Only One Who can Save Heal Deliver and Set Free. Whom the Son Sets Free is free Indeed. Jesus came to seek and to save all that are Lost. Are you lost today. Well you can be found Jesus Saves Heals Deliver and Sets free. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ today and Dont Delay.
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• United States
30 Dec 12
Keep sharing your faith, you never know which seed will sprout into fruit!
@aerous (13474)
• Philippines
31 Dec 12
If you read the bible, friend. Our Lord Jesus Christ, is establish a church that every need to enter and to be save. I don't know why many readers of the bible didn't read what the will of God?
@dee777 (1418)
• South Africa
14 Jan 13
Satan fell from heaven because of pride. Remember that he was an angel, more beautiful than the rest, knowing everything about God... He was the highest of all angels, but he was not content and he desired to be God and he wanted to take over and rule the universe. Ish. 14:15 as well as Ezekiel 28:16-17 tells us that God pushed him out of heaven.
@aerous (13474)
• Philippines
15 Jan 13
I agree with you, friend. That is why he will be punish on the day of judgment and accept the results of his transgression from God.
@Janurmas (645)
• Indonesia
23 Jan 13
Thanks a ton blessedwoman. i do believe in Jesus, and I trust Him that has redeem me from my sins. Jesus Christ is the only way to go to Heaven. I have faith in Jesus Christ. He is the Son of God.
@dainy1313 (2354)
• Leon, Mexico
6 Jan 13
Hi Blessedwoman, you are so right, and I´m very happy to read it. I got baptism when I was 21 and since then I look daily for our Lord. I love him so much.Thanks you for your post . Blessings... Blessedwoman... dainy