trouble with the dogs

December 30, 2012 7:17am CST
we have two dogs at home and since it's new year's eve tomorrow, i know there will be a lot of discomfort for them. well dogs have really sensitive sense of hearing and they really are scared of the firecrackers. they just sleep outside our house and they run to the back door when they hear a really loud firecracker explosion. sometimes i could just see them shaking. we don't let them inside the house because we have a kid at home with asthma. i just open the door of our bathroom which is separated from our main house so they could stay there. if worse comes to worst, maybe we could just let them stay in a room inside the house.
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• China
30 Dec 12
yes,dogs are afraid of fireworks, they will run away when they hear about the loud sound. maybe you can together with them when it is the time for fireworks.
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@surekharathi (14134)
• India
31 Dec 12 front of my home total 12 dogs 6 puppy, 4 dogs and 2 doggi. Really trouble when they came all at time for eating chapati. But we all members love them and play with them. Some time trouble because jump on body.
@mariaperalta (19096)
• Mexico
30 Dec 12
Same here in mexico, for my little one. She jumps when a door slams. Im sure she will hate the fireworks here on monday night. She will want to be in my lap. Happy new years to you there. Lets hope all the pets get through it well.
@dragon54u (31431)
• United States
30 Dec 12
I will be having the same problem. People here are nuts about fireworks, especially around the 4th of July. It starts around the middle of June and continues throughout the month of July. One dog runs outside and barks at them while the other just clings to me and shivers. Tomorrow night, and probably tonight, there will be lots of loud noises. I make sure to sit on the couch with my dogs so the one can cling and I close the dog door so that the other will stay calm and inside where the noise doesn't hurt so badly. Fireworks are dangerous and people get hurt. That still doesn't stop them. Little children are hurt, dogs are upset, cats are terrified, babies are awakened and cry in fear. Even though these things are illegal the cops do nothing. I think it's good you'll let them in the bathroom. Try sitting with them for awhile to comfort them, the poor things. I hope you have a bright and happy 2013.
@bryanwmc (1052)
• Malaysia
30 Dec 12
I like to think that instead of them being afraid that they are participating in the merry making with their howling, although many of the poor creatures are indeed frightened but some of the dogs are genuinely excited by the commotion and theyactually join in by barking