Without coffee I would be dead

January 4, 2013 3:39pm CST
I honestly have serious doubts as to whether I would still be alive to write this were it not for the miracle that is coffee, and I am not exaggerating. Many times at work I feel that the only thing stopping me from killing or seriously injuring myself has been coffee. Not to mention the horrible bouts of depression and insomnia that would have driven me to insanity/suicide were it not for this incredible mood lifting, energy giving nectar. Combined with cigarettes I honestly believe coffee has at the very least saved my job numerous times and my life at least a few. Can anyone here sympathise?
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@Asylum (48165)
• Manchester, England
4 Jan 13
Coffee does seem to be an excellent mood enhancer and it still surprises me how a cup of coffee can make everything seem tolerable on even the most frustrating of occasions. Of course the property is purely psychological and not related in any way to the actual contents of the drink, but it enables us to sit back and relax, which in turn improves our overall demeanour.
• Australia
4 Jan 13
Yeah I totally agree that for the most part what is actually doing so much good is just being able to take a break. I recently read an article which actually espoused the notion that the coffee break as we know it was actually a clever marketing scheme. Although in Australia even if you don't smoke a coffee break is still often referred to as smoko and to be honest is one of the few reasons I still smoke. But really any excuse for a break be it coffee, smokes or some other superfluous action will do
@mariaperalta (19094)
• Mexico
4 Jan 13
I feel the same way here. Coffee is really my only habit I have. And of course I need it to make a living here. As I own a cafe and sell alot of coffee from all over the world here. Take care there...