Pet Friendly Interior Design

United States
January 4, 2013 5:02pm CST
I love my pets and want to feel comfortable in our home. Most designers hear pet friendly and instantly respond with less carpeted area and more hard surfaces. There's more to it than that. One idea for pet friendly interior design that I like is cat walks. They're narrow, flat rails you can make from molding and apply in different configurations on your walls. Then cats can walk through the house and be up above everyone, their favorite place. Cats love trees, so cat furniture is made to imitate them. They use carpet to feel like bark, so cats can exercise their claws. Then they have nests at different levels, just like bird nests in tree branches, only softer for cats. There are also a variety of nests, some more cave-like, some open yet round and snuggly, also favorite environments for cats. Another consideration is litter box screens. Available in a variety of designs, these give your cat privacy and clean up the look of any room. Dog owners can choose from a wide variety of beds in different sizes and fillings. If your dog is older, you can get an orthopedic bed. When the weather grows cold, switch to fleece tops. You can also treat your pet to monograms and coordinate their beds to match your decor in different rooms. Dogs with toys will appreciate an attractive toy box, and learn to use it easily. It will help tidy up your home, as well. Pet friendly interior design goes beyond aesthetics and yet returns to them, all the same. Remember that old saying, "form follows function?" It holds true for this, as with all things. Decide what function your pet needs help with, come up with a solution that works for the pet and yourself, and find a way to make it decorative in the bargain. It's that simple.
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@wolfie34 (26792)
• United Kingdom
9 Jan 13
What a wonderful idea, we always think of making our homes adaptable for those that are infirm, old and find it difficult to climb the stairs or get in and out of the bath, we don't stop and think that our pets face the same sort of difficulties and we can make easy adjustments to make their home, because it's their home as well as yours as comfortable as possible for them, for any age. I can imagine interior design for pets is big business.
• United States
10 Jan 13
Hello again, dear wolfie friend, and thanks for once more making a generous contribution to a discussion. I didn't even get started on the aging pets' needs. My sister has a ramp for her dog from when she was a pup, that, when her now aging dog wants to use it, comes in handy. As dogs age, their ability to jump is affected by their joints' aging. I'm not sure if designers have fully appreciated yet what big business this could be, but the opportunity is certainly out there. For now, it's mostly DIY. Cheers!
@prashu228 (25520)
• India
5 Jan 13
Hi Is it possible to make it in normal homes? I never heard about this pet friendly interior design. Are there people who are so much concerned about the pets to get a decorative interior design? If there are people like that then the pets will be lucky ones. But i should agree the idea is very good.
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• United States
6 Jan 13
Hello, prashu, and thanks for commenting. You can do some sort of pet frindly interior design in any home, I should think. Maybe if renting, you might use that sticky stuff for hanging paintings and coathooks that comes off without leaving any marks or holes in the walls.