I keep on searching for the answer.

January 7, 2013 2:06am CST
I am searching for a plant in the net because I don't know the name of the said plant but someome gave me an answer but I cannot find it over the net. For three days already, I am still searching for it. I hope I can find the answer already because it keeps on driving me crazy. LOL How about you mylotters, do you encounter such situation? How long do you keep on looking and searching for something like mine? Good day mylotters.
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@owlwings (39740)
• Cambridge, England
7 Jan 13
Please describe the plant. Is it a flowering plant? One that has fruits or seeds? Is it a tree, a bush or a herb? What is it used for? Does it grow in your locality? Have you a photograph? There are so many things which might help you identify it yet you have supplied none of them.
• Philippines
7 Jan 13
It is like a bush and one of my colleagues told me that it is another variety of malunggay (horse radish). It taste like malunggay too. it has a tiny flower like the one in the photo. I want to know the name of the plant because I am uploading it to my blog so I'd better get the name first before uploading for the readers.