My husband made me laugh without trying to be funny.

January 10, 2013 8:31am CST
One of the mylotter shared that she wants to hear/read funny stories. I would like to share what made me laugh my heart out last Sunday. My husband and I were watching a local showbiz oriented talkshow " The Buzz". There was a segment where TONI G. interviews controversial showbiz personalities. That Sunday, while we were watching, my husband suddenly shouted " Insomnia,insomnia, she's the insomnia! I asked, " What?? What are you talking about?" "Insomnia girl! I know her.We watched the movie together." he replied. I almost fell from the chair while laughing. When I was finally able to catch my breath, I said, " My Amnesia Girl,yobo (yobo is Korean word for spouse.) My Amnesia girl is the first Tagalog film we watched together as husband and wife.We have watched movies before getting married but those were all English films.
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@Iriene88 (5352)
• Malaysia
14 Jan 13
Hahaha... that is really funny! I and my husband too at times said wrongly. Imsonia, amnesia, and other words seems to get mix up easily, just don't know why. It is good that both of you have wonderful time watching movies together. My family and I love watching movies too. We will be watching 'Mama' a horror movie tomorrow and the day after we will be watching 'Impossible', the movie based on true story of tsunami at Phuket (I think!).
• Philippines
16 Jan 13
I would like to watch the movie "Impossible",too!The trailer is pretty interesting. Horror is not my cup of tea so I will not watch "Mama".
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@jenny1015 (13389)
• Philippines
11 Jan 13
Hahahah! That made me laugh out loud as well while reading your post! And i could just imagine how very serious your husband was when saying that she saw Toni G, from the movie, "Insomnia Girl'! That was a good one!
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@pahak627 (4198)
• Philippines
10 Jan 13
Well, if I was the one who heard actually heard what your husband said, maybe I would have the loudest laugh during the incident. I find that funny too. Maybe your husband was just joking at that time.
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10 Jan 13
Hi I have something for you, you husband didnot be funny but you had to laugh, in my case none of you made anything funny but I had a great laugh. Thank you. Did you realize that the were you had worded the sentence anyone will laugh.
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@trisha27 (3498)
• United States
23 Jan 13
That is hillarious, my husband actually does that most of the time too. Sometimes he says the wrong thing because well, he doesn't know exactly how to pronounce it and then there are other times he will mispronounce it or say the wrong thing, because he is trying to be funny and he knows that it makes me laugh. I had to laugh at this though, it was definitely funny.
@Hatley (164485)
• Garden Grove, California
20 Jan 13
hi belle of the ball. Uh huh well he got close to it Insomnia girl, Amnesia girl not quite the same. ha haSo it was the actress in Insomnia Girl.what a title for a movie