I am Voldermort

January 12, 2013 9:45pm CST
I like the character of Voldermort because I think that some of my qualities match with him . I mean , he is standalone and he prefers his privacy . He decides his own epic , he makes his own legend.
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@shahmi (81)
• Sri Lanka
14 Jan 13
Hey friend but I think you are in a wrong idea because if he had that good qualities he used that for wrong things. You know one thing he try to make a legend from killing many people. It is not good. Think about that. That thing is the harry also saying.....
• India
18 Jan 13
Its just a story isn't it shahmi just take it easy :)
• Philippines
3 Apr 13
Villains have interesting characters. I noticed that in the books that I've read and the shows and movies I have watched. Even if sometimes you can't help but be mad at the bad things they do, you can also feel like their characters are very interesting. They usually have reasons for the things they do, and the way they attempt all means to get want they want is remarkable.
@Aja103654 (5656)
• Philippines
6 Mar 13
I like how silly he can be, trying to kill one boy way too many times but still ends up failing. I think he is very lazy in that he orders people around to kill harry for him while he could have done a better job doing everything himself. ahaha! His arrogance and thirst for power made him strong but it was also his downfall.
@akhil112 (58)
• India
13 Jan 13
Dont make wrong choices as he did,in your life okay :)
13 Jan 13
Master villains, evil geniuses, supervillains, the bad guy... they're almost always characters who have a LOT of very good traits - they're determined, focussed, charismatic and a bunch of other things - so it's quite normal to respect them. Of course, they're also ruthless, brutal, tyrannical and psychotic for the most part, which isn't so good.
• Indonesia
13 Jan 13
I do love him too.....I mean love for his strong character
@MaylaJay (350)
13 Jan 13
I like your thinking, but it's "Voldemort" with no "r" in the middle. It is interesting that he just decided he was going to be all powerful and then he was. I guess that really does make him epic.