What is the minimum Cashout in Mylot? How can I payout money?

January 17, 2013 5:32am CST
Hey, I am in a bad condition. I don't find the cashout button in mylot. Where is it? Can anyone tell me? What is the minimum payout? How can I payout? Please help me.
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@owlwings (39601)
• Cambridge, England
17 Jan 13
As others have said, the minimum payment is $10 and it is paid automatically provided that you: a) have entered your PayPal account ID here: http://www.mylot.com/nr/editPayment.aspx b) live in a country which MyLot is allowed to make payments to - see this list: http://www.mylot.com/o/ppcountry.aspx (Unfortunately, since you are from Bangladesh, MyLot will NOT be able to pay you at present.) Complete information can be found here: http://www.mylot.com/o/faq/faq6.aspx#6 Since you have been a member for 12 months, why have you not read this before?
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@sona22 (1431)
• India
18 Jan 13
Yes, as you are a citizen o Bangladesh you will not be able to open an account with Paypal and as a result mylot will not be able to pay you. Before joining any site read the faqs first and know the payment method.
@Zer0Stats (1316)
• India
17 Jan 13
Once your earnings reaches $10 they transfer it to your PayPal account.You don't need to do it by yourself.
• Bangladesh
17 Jan 13
Thanks for your valuable comment.
• United States
11 Mar 13
I wish mylot minimum was $1 dollar because then it takes longer to reach minimum of $10 dollars what do mylotters think?
@grkelly (1216)
• Malta
19 Jan 13
There is no cashout button. Once you reach $10 or more you will get paid by mylot automatically on the 14/15th of the month.
@somupriti (353)
18 Jan 13
The minimum cash out in Mylot is $10 and that can be redeemed through Paypal. So just keep posting to reach the payout and then cash out it.
@agrim94 (3811)
• India
18 Jan 13
Chayan, You do not have to worry about getting paid by mylot. When you reach 10$, it would automatically send that money by 9th or 10th of next month. But for this to happen you need to enter you pay pal id and if you are from India then it must have your pan card no and must be attached to your bank account . sorry but RBI instructions to paypal.