A new one came up on the travel game I do

@maximax8 (27048)
January 19, 2013 9:09am CST
I like to type the name of the countries of the world in an online game. There are lots of games designed to help mental stimulation. I typed all the names of the countries in Asia but one was remaining. I couldn't believe it when I found out it was Palestine! I didn't think Palestine was a country. I looked it up online. Sometimes new countries are created like when Yugoslavia split into countries like Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Kosovo, Serbia and Macedonia. The Czech Republic and Slovakia used to be the same country. Now there is a Sudan and a South Sudan. Life is miserable in North Korea. If they opened up the borders just imagine how many would flow into South Korea and China. Tibet is a special region in China. Do you think Palestine is a country? What do you think of countries changing around? Why is life so miserable in North Korea?
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@subhojit10 (7384)
• India
19 Jan 13
Thanks a ton for sharing this discussion. Well even i am surprised to know that Palestine did not show in that video game may be that was a minor glitch from their side or they might have forgotten to include the name of this country otherwise as u have mentioned that even newly formed countries or states are included in the game. What say?
@maximax8 (27048)
19 Jan 13
Hello my friend. In 1998 I got a flight to Israel. Whilst in Jerusalem I popped over to see the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem in Palestine. I also visited Jordan on that trip.
@wolfie34 (26881)
• United Kingdom
24 Jan 13
My geography of other countries isn't that good to be honest, my geography specializes mainly on the UK, I can tell you where most places are in the UK, probably because I worked in the travel industry network within the UK and I could tell you how to get round London with ease. For example in our country we used to have the Ridings, which is now Yorkshire. I thought Palestine was a country but that is only guessing. It can be very confusing when countries change around. Didn't Rhodesia change it's name?
@julyteen (13261)
• Davao, Philippines
21 Jan 13
Palestine is an old place since Bible times and I think deserve to be a country like Egypt and Israel. Palestine is the number one enemy of Palestine as they said. Many people die due to borders disputes. North Korea is a communist so South Korea cannot penetrate on that place.
@Porcospino (16435)
• Denmark
21 Jan 13
It was funny because I recently played a geography game where I had to pick the capitals of different coutries and one of the countries that was mentioned was Palestine and I was surpriced to see that. I actually thought that it was a mistake and I looked for information online and I found out that 67% of the member states of the United Nations recognized the state of Palestine in November 2012. Many countries have changed since I was a teenager. At that time Germany was divided, Czechoslovakia was one country, Yugoslavia was one country and the Sovjet Union existed. Eritrea didn't exist, it was still a part of Ethiopia and Sudan and South Sudan were still one country.