Myths and beliefs- are they worth wasting time my time?

January 19, 2013 1:05pm CST
Here in the Philippines people have a lot of old beliefs on many things like; if your washing a baby's clothes, you shouldn't squeeze it because the baby might be a bad kid when he grows up. Do they really make sense?
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• Portugal
2 Dec 15
ahah i understand what you mean i think in all countries we have strange beliefs. some are real others arent. anyway i think some of them can be funny. in my country they also say that if a pregnant woman wishes to eat something and she doesnt eat that the baby will be born with a mark in their body and like hungry all the time when is little.
@alottodo (3061)
• Australia
27 Jan 13
There are a lot of beliefs and customs handed down from generations some of them make sense and some not like a woman having a period they where not suppose to get wet or have a shower or bath because they would go crazy...but then people did not understand that a female with a monthly period have changing hormones going on her body at that time and so if a female happen to get wet or have a bath at the time of her period people did tend to associate this to women going crazy!
@UmiNoor (3535)
• Malaysia
27 Jan 13
Really? Squeezing baby's clothes will make the baby grow to be a bad person? Don't see the connection there. That is quite a ridiculous and funny myth. Myths can be very illogical. My culture too has its own set of myths but I don't believe in them. They're just so ridiculous and don't make sense at all. I just don't care to follow them at all.
@Nursefrai06 (2498)
• Penrith, Australia
21 Jan 13
Scientifically speakin, then no, they do not make sense. However in some ways if it doesn't hurt anybody and it doesn't inconvenience anyone, it's not really a bad thing to do. Especially that when the old people see it, they see the gestures as signs if respect to them and to our culture.
@jenny1015 (13389)
• Philippines
21 Jan 13
These myths were concocted when science was not that known as of yet. That folks from the suburbs would be giving reason/explanation to everything. During those times, the elders are very much followed or believed. And so that is the reason why these myths have been passed from generation to generation. But of course, we now know better.
• India
20 Jan 13
Some myhs really scare you ,like people say hat during an eclipse pregnant women should not sew or use knives or scissors as the babymight be born deformed so even though I know that it is all rubbish ,I myself avoided using all the above mentioned things while the eclispe lasted .
@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
19 Jan 13
Some make sense, others don't. Some are based on a part of reality, others are just made up (mostly to scare the mother). I think you will find these myths/believes everywhere in the world (we call them: baker (kind of midwife)praatjes (gossiping). Some still take them seriously, others don't or even don't know about it or hear about it at all. I think only if you believe in it, it will be true. Since your own fear will influence you and the way you treat your child. BTW there are also positive myths/believes... who knows they can even make your life more beautiful since afterall most of us do need something to believe in, to live for.
@lampar (7597)
• United States
19 Jan 13
Of course they don't make sense, because they are myths. I will just take them lightly and treat them as after dinner's storyline for a laugh, not worth spending more than necessary time to listen in, it is fine if you don't treat them too seriously.
@Raine38 (9195)
• United States
19 Jan 13
Some myths and beliefs can be quite harmless, and sometimes they can be useful. Example, I heard from my grandma not to take a bath at night because it can diminish your blood level. While the blood part isn't true, taking a bath at night and sleeping with a wet hair can catch you a cold, because its like sleeping on your back on a wet bed sheet. While there are beliefs that are just so silly, like you should put a thread moistened by saliva on the forehead of a baby that's having a hiccup, I mean duh?
@ShyBear88 (18113)
• United States
19 Jan 13
I don't believe in myths or beliefs like that at all. People come up with the most sillies things.