My microsoft word 2010 is now saying unlicense

January 19, 2013 1:16pm CST
I bought a laptop that has Microsoft office 2010 installed and it is licensed. Its a brand new laptop. Just last week I had a problem with my drive C. After I installed the oracle 11g I suddenly cannot access my drive C. It's says 'access is denied'. When I encountered that problem my Microsoft word 2010 suddenly having an error that my Microsoft word 2010 is unlicensed or I have to uninstall the product and re-install again. When I solved the problem on my drive C, my Microsoft word 2010 still having an error. But my problem is. The software is already installed in my laptop and I don't have installer for that. What should I do??
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@owlwings (40105)
• Cambridge, England
19 Jan 13
If the copy of Office 2010 is really licensed to you (and not an illegal copy) you should find the Microsoft Office sticker with the installation key (a 5 digit combination of letters and numbers) on the underside of the laptop (you should also find the Windows sticker there). Failing that, ask the person you bought the laptop from for the original software package (that is a fairly long shot, usually). Unfortunately, Microsoft will not be able to give you any support unless you can, at least, produce the installation key.
• Philippines
19 Jan 13
Yes, the copy is original. I can't see any sticker on my laptop. I think I just have to go to the store where I bought this and ask them to solve the problem. Thanks for the help.
• United States
29 Jan 13
All new laptops come with trial versions of Microsoft Office, it's probably unlicensed because you didn't pay for the software. You have to buy Microsoft Office after the trial expires.
@Zer0Stats (1315)
• India
21 Jan 13
Just go to the store where you bought it.They will help you re-install it.