Why do some people think only gov. has power to make and enforce regulations?

@cripfemme (7715)
United States
January 22, 2013 10:58pm CST
I have been wanting to comment on this issue since I posted a discussion on gun control. Everyone who responded seemed to think I was just another person wanting to give the government more control over who owns what sort of guns. While I admit that with all this shooting madness taking over the United States or, what seems to me to be taking over anyhow I think that some increased vigilance is a good idea, the thing I was most struck by was the idea that nobody but the government or its designated officials can tell people in America not to do things. To my mind, this is patently ridiculous. A vast amount of people can say and enforce the rules as they wish them to be. I, for myself, and enforce who does and does not come on my property, work for me. A business can hire whomever it wants as long as it doesn't break any rules around discrimination. For example, it is perfectly legal for a business to fire a blatant racist, if he or she can’t keep their opinions to themselves and it bothers other coworkers or customers. However, in America, it's perfectly legal to be a blatant racist. In this case, the business owner has the authority to enforce his or her views of a healthy working environment, which do not include employing this person. The same applies to schools or other places of business who may not want someone like Al Qaeda to come and speak or fear they will be judged as condoning Muslim extremism. However, the US allows Muslims and any other extreme religious group to gather, worship, and even protest in ways and many people find horrifying. Therefore, I don't understand how any person can believe that all such authority rests in the hands of government or its designees. It clearly doesn't. A vast amount of authority belongs to private citizens. If you, disagree with me on this, can you please explain your reasoning? I have wanted to discuss this issue for a longtime and, although I am saddened by what, gave words to this discussion being formulated, I look forward to a civil and enjoyable discourse.
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• Dhaka, Bangladesh
23 Jan 13
Hi friend, yes you are right. But in the democratic countries, mandate of people is the real force to create new regulations. regulations are made for the benefits of common people. Not for the benefits of governments only. If it is done for the governments only, then those governments are not democratic government. Those are the autocratic governments. Have a nice day.
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@KrauseHome (35517)
• United States
26 Jan 13
I can see where you are coming from with this one, and personally I feel like sometimes with this issue they are trying to control our rights on what we can do and we cannot do, and the right to protect oneself many times is never in the books. They just want everyone to just behave while there are other issues like you said with racism, religion, etc. that is always on the back burner and often overlooked. Really makes one wonder what the Constitution was really based on, and what happened to our rights?