Letting a boy get in the middle

@911Ricki (13602)
January 23, 2013 7:09pm CST
A girl I went to high school with who moved, and now we found each other on Facebook. Her sister is a year older than us, but they were just like my sister and I. She started dating this guy, and now engaged (her sister that is). Now this boyfriend or fiance now was hitting on her, they even have some pictures where he is looking down her shirt, and things. He supposeable came onto my friend while her sister was out doing something. She told her sister, who said she was making stories up. She has stopped talking to her, saying this guy wouldn't do that. I just htink it's so sad that she would turn against her sister for some man. I could never do this, nor to friends. I guess some are so stupid in love, they cloud their entire life, until they toss their entire family and friends over for someone who will eventually toss them. I told her to ignore her, she wont listen because this man wont do any weong, let her leanr her lesson, she picked this man, shows how important you are in her life.
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• United States
24 Jan 13
If some women will choose a man over their own child, why wouldn't one choose a man over her own sister? It's too bad that this girl's sister is the sort who puts a man before her sister--one of her dearest friends prior to this. Soon, she shall find herself not only without sister but also without any female friends, because other women will drift away from her and the creep or they shall be shoved away as her sister has been.
@jenny1015 (13389)
• Philippines
24 Jan 13
That is how strange love can get. Even family members can be your enemies. But I hope that your friend's sister will see things through and find out what kind of guy she is about to marry.
• Jacksonville, Florida
24 Jan 13
That is really sad that her sister would not believe her. I think my sister would do the same thing though honestly... I mean her fiance hit her son too hard with a wooden spoon and she still stuck by him so what makes me think she would believe me either? She did not defend her own child over him! We all saw the bruises on his butt from the spoon, she saw them too and she defended her fiance!?! How crazy is that?? NO MAN or anyone else would hit MY children too hard with ANYTHING and get away with it, EVER! I don't care how much I love and care about the person, no one will hurt my kids.