I am angry to SuperPay.Me

Guangzhou, China
@youless (62794)
January 24, 2013 8:55am CST
Today since I wanted to finish a task in Mylot, so I joined SuperPay.Me. I clicked for a few advertisement for it and it was worth $0.02. After that, I finished a survey and it was worth $0.25. But the survey task was shown as pending. So tonight I wanted to check my account and see whether it was approved. I found that it was written "Your account is currently marked as "Cheater". If you need any help please feel free to send us an help ticket." That just doesn't make a sense because I finished the tasks honestly and it was no need for me to cheat. Whereas they are the cheaters in my opinion. There are so many scams and it is fine that they don't pay for me at last. But it is just insane that they claim you are the cheater