Can we try increase the girls ratio compare to boys ratio?

January 26, 2013 1:13am CST
Now marriage problem is everywhere my brother's business is well, looks is good but no girl are ready marriage because girls are less and every girls wants the job man or education person. Recently I watch the add if the couple will kill their daughter child in womb then after few years the ratio will 10:2 means behind 10 boys only 2 girls so how will get marriage and how the generation will increase. I not understand why the parents wants to kill the child because of only the girl child. Why Govt. not taking the action against those Dr. who are doing abortion. Still most of the Dr. doing this work only for money. They should think about those couple who has no child. Every couples should take the swear no kill the girl child so this will helpful to increase the girls ratio.
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• United States
20 Feb 13
Echoing what others have said: the male to female ration worldwide shows there being slightly more females than males. As for gender-selective abortions, those usually occur in societies where males are valued more than females, so having a male baby is preferred.
@KrauseHome (35507)
• United States
29 Jan 13
Personally some people's thinking is really different, and I will never understand it. Seriously people who think like this are not any way Bibically informed, and how can someone do something like this and live with themselves? Personally I think it should be a matter of choice, and not something someone will be forced to do.
@maximax8 (28882)
• United Kingdom
28 Jan 13
Mother nature is clever at selecting the gender of the baby in the womb. I live in England and here the baby's gender does not matter. All the lady typically wants is a healthy baby. In China they have a one child policy and parents prefer to have a baby boy. In the future there many men won't find a wife. Some men in Asia where there is a shortage of ladies are getting a mail order bride from Vietnam. In India they prefer to have a baby boy because when grown up for a lady the dowry has to be paid when she gets married. I feel sorry for ladies that think they are infertile. I think abortion is wrong and for gender reasons it is even more sick. Girl babies an children are lovely. There is nothing wrong with them. A 50 percent male and a 50 percent female society is best. A 10 percent female and 90 percent male society is awful.
@prashu228 (25520)
• India
26 Jan 13
Hi well problem is there but i don't know that it is this much severe. Why every girl dont want to marry a business man? What is the reason behind this? Now a days most of the people are educated atleast they are completing degree/graduation.
• Dhaka, Bangladesh
26 Jan 13
Hi Surekharathi, your statistic is not right. I know that number of girls are more in almost all countries of the world. Because boys and men do more risky jobs, they mostly join in army, navy & air force and fight against enemy, do all hard jobs and relatively their casualty rate is more. As such, number of girls are more than boys.