How Much Fruit Soda Does It Take to Make You Psycho?

@mythociate (16155)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
January 28, 2013 5:34pm CST
I read an article about Brominated Vegetable Oil in some of Pepsico's Soft Drinks BVO is (obviously ) vegetable oil with the chemical "bromine" added in to "prevent the (vegetable) oil from separating into other ingredients." But it's on the FDA's additive-list as "safe at/below 15 ppm" (not sure if that's 'parts per million' or 'parts per M, the Latin symbol for thousand), as it's been shown to make people psychotic at higher levels. 'To keep it from separating into the other ingredients'? Surely that means 'to keep the vegetable oil and the other ingredients from causing some sort of chemical compound' ... but then bromine is the standard chemical used to make things FLAME-PROOF Anyway, the other drinks Pepsico 'flame-proofs' are listed at the link above. Will you be more careful about the soda you drink now?
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@Adoniah (7515)
• United States
29 Jan 13
I have stopped drinking all sodas...I found that artificial sweeteners were adding to my migraines. The preservative "acid" that they use, is the same ingredient used in toilet bowl cleaners; that is why cola cleans your toilet, and the corrosion on your battery cables. And, last but not least, the caramel coloring is made from the outer shell of beetles... That was enough reasons for me to stop...Now I am looking at my favorite teas...I saw an add for lipton the other day and they were praising one of their new 'natural'teas saying "It actually has 'some' totally natural tea leaves in the mix". My question now is...What the hell is the rest of the "mix"? Tea is supposed to be made from tea leaves!!!
@mythociate (16155)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
20 Feb 13
When did Dr. Pepper switch from 'jus` throwin` some prune juice in some carbonated water' to 'something from a laboratory'?