What I think of true humanity

January 31, 2013 1:11am CST
Some pholosophers and educators believe that the humanity is born good, so we should keep this nature and try to bring it into play everyday. Some belive that the humanity at birth is bad. I would say they are both right. When helping others, we feel happy for no reason, and it is good nature of human beings. However, we can easily observe a child brutally "robs" the toys from the others while no one has taught him or her to do so. No matter believing in good or bad they are both right, but they are not exactly right. What I think of humanity is being "naughty and childish," or that is to say, we never really grow up. Sometimes we consider humanity is bad, because we are selfish, greedy, lazy, and etc. While we ponder over these human nature, we might find that most time the main reason we do so is "I want to." Don't you think it just like a child? And what we consider good is really simply mean that somebody does what make us happy. It is quite the same as when I was a kid, I did something naughty to make others happy. (Although there was sombody angry, too~) I don't think I am exactly right, too. But having a way to explain humanity really helps me to understand others.
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@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
31 Jan 13
Humanity might be born (partly) good but it's not true we love to do things for others, love to help them out because this gives us a great feeling for no reason. It's also not true we love to share. Have a close look at 2-3 year old children. They are NOT interested in sharing, playing together, helping out others. It's something we teach them, we punish them or call them a-social if they are not interested to play or share. Although it's human to be with you, to spend time with you, to fight with others (like little kids do) to know your likes and dislikes and to learn to say NO and be respected for that. The sad thing is that the way we raise our children will only break them more and more down in future. Then they have big problems with not being able to (live) alone, not knowing themselves, having a hard time to say NO, to be respected and they feel empty and abused because they only attract abusers and they never hear a "thanks" for everything they have done for others, for being that great friend. I wish everybody would stay a child but in reality this is not the case, also because of the way you are raised. Mainly girls have to grow up fast, to take care of others (brothers, sisters, parents, husband, children, etc).
• Taiwan
31 Jan 13
I think it is really hard to distinguish this behavior is nature or learned after birth. But when we can learn something easily, I might consider it part of the nature or instict.
• India
9 Feb 13
If we would like to understand others, first is to understand ourselves...What is humanity? why we are here? good, bad, right of choice and so on... In my idea we are a part of holy spirit which we have came to this body which in this visual world called human body... as we see everything has opposite site.. nothing is single... good has opposite of bad... white and black.. good and bad... but all of these things has been covered with a holy light which has connected everything and that I like to call it God... We choose to come to the earth to increase our knowlege.. knowlege is everything in my idea... we are here to understand why we born and what is the pupouse behind? we are here just to be happy and to love each other to help each other for having better life, better thinking...we are creator of our life our thinking... because God is creator and we are part of God spirit, If each person change the way they think from bad thinking to good ones,,, then this world will change to a world like heaven... it is all about us... we are the key... but we can choose what we want... good or bad? so here knowlege is the most important things... the one we call him or her bad is because does not have knowlege enough about what she or he is doing here ? why came on this world? why she or he born to do? knowlege is life's light... what is making bad things in our world is just not having enough knowlege which makes liglhts on in our heart and minds... ignorance is our world disease in my idea,,,,