Why most of the game designer are from U.K?

February 3, 2013 6:31am CST
I got some Ideas...corect me if i am wrong,but aren't of most englishmen bit fatter of than usual people or sth? So they are used to such a "comfortable lifestyle"? And thats why they have chossen to sit in the front of their computer and design games ? Any ideas? thank you...
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@owlwings (39611)
• Cambridge, England
3 Feb 13
Body Mass Index in the UK - Lists the % of underweight, normal, 'pre-obese' and obese adults in the UK.

From the WHO Guide - http://apps.who.int/bmi/index.jsp

5% Underweight (Green)
Body Mass Index is probably the best way of determining whether someone is over or under weight. The statistics for the UK are: 5% Underweight 34% Normal 38% Slightly above normal 23% Obese This means that 72% of the population are normal or slightly above and only around a quarter of the population have weight problems. Compare that to the USA, where only 65% are normal or slightly above and a huge 1/3 of the population is obese. It is true that, in your own country (the Philippines), nearly 2/3 of the population is 'normal' and there are far fewer people who are either over or underweight (16%) but this is because our diets, racial characteristics and climates are very different. There is an interesting map here: http://chartsbin.com/view/577 showing the average overall BMI for the countries of the world which demonstrates that Great Britain is, on average, 'normal' while most other developed countries are 'overweight' (and Egyptians are, apparently, 'obese' on average!).