my black skinny

@gimong (124)
February 4, 2013 5:46pm CST
My mam is white and my father is browny I have two sisters and a borthers They are white skayny but I am a black one Sometimes they make me a joke that i am not their family How did it be ? What do you think?
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@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
7 Feb 13
This is what we call dna. My mother is white (blond hair) and my father is black (only one of his siblings who also has black curly hair). All his children are different, none of us has curly hair. Some of us even have blond hair. If it comes to the children of my uncles, they all are very blond. This is the interesting thing about dna. Sometimes you have more from your dad (and his family), sometimes more from your mother (and her family), sometimes it's 50-50. But who cares? It's the best prove we all are individuals and not the same. Which is a good thing.
@jenny1015 (13389)
• Philippines
5 Feb 13
Your skin color did not just happen for no apparent cause. It is most likely that there was an ancestor of yours who possessed the same physical trait. That would surely show up after one or two generations. Just like my brother, among the 3 of us, he is the only one who has Chinese features. My mom and dad look very Hispanic. My brother's features came from my Dad's grandmother who was pure Chinese.
• United States
4 Feb 13
This sounds so sad to me. I felt like a tear might fall. I think your different and that is all it is. you are loved by your family and that is just fine. I hope people don't think this behavior is funny because it can be hurtful to others.