Do you think that computer virus benefit?

February 7, 2013 4:35am CST
I am one of a computer user who spends almost all my time to operate it. I often feel frustration when my computer is infected by a dangerous virus. I am often asked if there are advantages gained by the virus maker? what do you think?
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@savire (204)
• Indonesia
26 Feb 13
There's so many reason why the maker creates them ranging from script kiddies who just testing out some codes they found on the net to special security analyst who need to defend their codes against piracy. There is no specific solution which can win against all. There's always a security hole in computerized environment. The thing is how would you optimized your computer against this attack. That also means not using too much security tools which could burden your everyday computing experiences.
@jdawg011 (505)
• Canada
15 Feb 13
I'm sure there are for many of them. Viruses can sometimes steal information, such as ID or credit cards. They could track your browsing history and sell info to people. They can use your computer to perform tasks, such as directing traffic to certain pages, which would earn them money. There's many ways they can earn money, unfortunately. If you're having issues, a good virus removal program is Malwarebytes. It doesn't protect computers from it, but it is free and is one of the best scanners/removers if not THE best and it doesn't interfere with firewalls.
@JohnRok1 (2051)
8 Feb 13
It depends on what the virus is programmed to do. If to empty your bank account in favour of the virus maker or to pass on your bank account details for a fee to the virus maker, for instance, of course it does.
@Asylum (48165)
• Manchester, England
7 Feb 13
There are forms of malware that are created for that purpose, an example being the one that creates a pop up informing the user that the computer is infected and offering a link to a program that will remove the problem. The program offered is for sale and does not even remove the problem, but is simply there to collect money. Several of the earlier viruses were designed to highjack the browser and keep sending the user to a site that pays for views, thus making money for the people circulating it. The original viruses were purely designed to cause problems without any financial purpose, most being created by people who simply wished to prove that they were capable of creating one.