I'm Deciding To Make Today A Good Day

@MoonGypsy (4613)
United States
February 8, 2013 12:58pm CST
last night wasn't such a bad night, even though i woke up in the wee hours of the morning and could not get back to sleep. it was a pleasant morning watching the sunrise knowing that today is going to be a free day for me. the kids are out of school and i have nothing to do but go to my doctor's appointment. that is the only part of the day that is the low point. after that, my son and i will go to the game stop. i just got a new ps3 for myself and he wants to show me the ropes around a couple of new games. he already has one. then, off to the tea house for waffles and milk tea with tapioca. then, i will probably come home and play some games with him. i am deciding to make this a good day. i think it is going to be. i feel good and i am going to just ride that vibe. only, to get over with that doctor's appointment that i hate to go to. lol. hope you all have a wonderful day today. what are your plans?
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@wolfie34 (26793)
• United Kingdom
14 Feb 13
I believe in the power of positive thinking and if you start the day believing that today is a good day you will have a good day. Having a positive mental attitude, something I am learning to do, and trying to turn negatives into positives, things happen for a reason, we don't know at the time but when we look back we realize things happen for a purpose. Today I got some bad news through the post, not that I celebrate Valentines Day but it was bad timing, I am trying NOT to let it affect my day, fortunately I am seeing my therapist tomorrow so I can talk it over with her. We do get bad days, that's life, but unless we get bad days we don't fully appreciate the good days which we easily take for granted.
• Philippines
9 Feb 13
For me just do the routine, as I used to do every morning exercise, singing, watching TV, reading books and some socialization with my neighbors. Have a nice day, wish you luck for the day.