Are you trying for the daily Swagbucks goal?

United States
February 11, 2013 8:51am CST
I normally do not actually try to reach the goal. In fact, most days unless I do some searches, I really only get the 1 SB per day for having the tool bar installed. But yesterday's goal was an easy 50 Swagbucks.. so I figured I'd try. It wasn't easy. Between the games, SBTV, and searching for every word that popped into my brain, I was 10 points shy of the goal. Finally I qualified for a survey and ended up with 170 SBs for the day, but I was able to reach payout and requested a $5 Amazon gift card.. my 2nd of the year. Today's goal was a little harder. 90 Swagbucks. I figured I'd give it a shot. I've basically spent the past 2 hours trying to qualify for more surveys, unsuccessfully, watching SBTV, playing games, and continuing to search for anything I could think of. Finally I decided to partake in an offer for 120 SBs and met the daily goal. Thanks to that I'm about half way to my next payout again. I have 225 points and need 450 to request a $5 Amazon card. Plus, at the end of this month I will receive bonus SBs for reaching the goals.. 5 SBs for yesterday and 9 for today. If I manage to hit the goal for 7 straight days I will get an additional 25 bonus SBs. How are you doing on reaching your Swagbucks goals?