My favorite uncle - gone to heaven

February 11, 2013 11:25pm CST
Today is Feb. 12. Supposedly the 33rd birthday of my favorite Uncle, Tito Egay. (his picture attached). Sadly, he stopped aging at the age of 31 and gone free from all the pain us humans can suffer. He died last November 2011 at the hospital. It was sudden, our grief tripled in pain. I myself was stuck up for days accepting the fate that my tito has gone. He's my favorite uncle. being the eldest of his nieces, i know i am also his favorite. I remember him patiently waiting for me everyday at school when i was just in my elementary days. He would buy me anything i want and i tell him stories about school. When i grow a little older, he was the first one to see me write love letter to my high school crush. He teased me, i cried but comforted me after. He was my favorite uncle. When i enter college, he became my coach, not on my academic aspects, but on how to weigh friends and my studies. :( I missed him.We missed him. its been almost 2 years since he left, but the memory of that day of pain is still with us completely. :(
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@laydee (12814)
• Philippines
12 Feb 13
Oh my! Your uncle is about my age and he has passed away. What was the cause? What happened? Your post really freaked me out because I always thought I was too young to pass on. But heck, things happen for reasons that are beyond us. God bless his soul. I think you do need to let go now. I think he's happy where he is at and would be sad if he knew that you're still grieving. Appreciate that he shared his presence with you and let him be your role model. So stop holding on and be happy for the guy. Have a great mylot experience ahead!
• Philippines
12 Feb 13
Scientifically I cant remember the reason anymore. It was sudden. All I remember is that it happened a few weeks after his operation of gall bladder (he was a heavy and frequent drinker). His Body got weak. we are really shock cause the only reason why we brought him back to hospital that time is because his back was severely painful. The rest of it, I cannot remember anymore. All i know is it really pains me still that he's gone. :(
@hotsummer (10449)
• Philippines
13 Feb 13
Too young indeed. Even though he is a heavy drinker i can't still believe he would die from that too early.
@squallming (1776)
• Malaysia
9 Mar 13
You must have felt very sad of losing him that time. I can understand such feeling. My late grandmother was a really loving person. Similar to you, She was my favorite and I know that I was her favorite grandson too. During my primary school days, she would always comfort me and treat me snacks and whatever thing I wanted to eat. I still remember the day when she went to other city to stay with my uncle. I cried the whole night as if I lost her. A few years later, she fell sick and passed away. I did not get to escort her last journey as I was in high school and my dad did not want me to skip classes. She will always be in my mind, and I believe your uncle will always be in yours too. Live a good life for them.
• Philippines
14 Mar 13
Thank you for sharing your side of story squall. Yes, the only way I will be ok and peaceful is to live a good life in memory of him and all other loved ones who passed away already. It is their legacy that I should be holding on from now.