World's 'ugliest woman' buried in Mexico

@lady1993 (19657)
February 13, 2013 3:20am CST
...150 years after her death. Quite shocking after such a long time, since her remains had last been in University of Oslo. Her life story was quite sad, being paraded in a freak show by her husband. She even had a child who died days later- and the husband paraded their embalmed remains... The nerve of that guy. I'm glad some people actually spent years for her body to buried in her home town.
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@kprofgames (3104)
• United States
14 Feb 13
This story is sad but beautiful as well. So sad that a person would parade loved ones around for the sake of turning a dollar or two. That sickens me. But, there is also beauty there in her final resting place. She did get the honor she was deprived of in her life by giving her a respectful burial in the end. Rest in Peace, sleep well.
@celticeagle (119128)
• Boise, Idaho
14 Feb 13
People certainly can be cruel. Even to their own. Horrible to be known as world's ugliest woman too. That is very sad. I think side shows are in some respects a haven for people with this type of diseases. They can't work or anything. But it can be cruel.
@lelin1123 (15644)
• Puerto Rico
13 Feb 13
I can't believe someone lived their life being paraded around in a circus by the husband. How disrepectful and degrading all at the same time. Thankfully that could not happen in todays society. There would be to many people totally against a freak show like that. I give alot of credit to the people who fought to get her remains sent back to her hometown to be buried. Now her soul can rest in peace.
@cutepenguin (6457)
• Canada
13 Feb 13
What a sad life. Hopefully she had some happiness in some way.
@edvc77 (2143)
• Philippines
13 Feb 13
That is quite a sad story. Thst guy will never get away from God.
• India
13 Feb 13
I do not understand why people talk about ugliest and the most beautiful just for some appearance? when I believe that beauty if inside, how any to have an ugly face. and hmmm she had a sad story
@xyriel08 (14)
• Philippines
13 Feb 13
Well, some people really will do anything just to earn a living! Reality really sucks in so many different ways. But the sad thing about this news is that people still watch freak freaks shows nowadays. It all started in the mid-16th in europe and its purpose is for past time and entertainment. I happen to have watched a movie entitled "Cirque de Freaks". One of the disfigured person was asked their by a normal person that they should not parade any abnormalities in their town. The response of the disfigured person was "Then will be able to give us a job?" So I think the reason why "freaks" have been contented to having their abnormalities paraded in front of a crowd is because of the maltreatment they have experienced. And that is the reality in life!