Are you a person that stay at home and doesn't bother other people?

February 16, 2013 7:37am CST
I think sometimes I had this feeling, and I don't quite like it, because I wouldn't be like this if my co-workers are treating me better, they are friends from hell. Arrgh....
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16 Feb 13
yes i am looking for the way to do that. but till now i am not able to find a right way to do that. I do not want to go office everyday and work there . I wanna to become my own boss and wanna to earn money but right now i am not able to find any way to do the sam.
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@Bluedoll (17054)
• Canada
17 Feb 13
Well all we can do is keep trying, I suppose. Not sure about being your own boss though. Are we ever our own boss. Even if you have customers you sometimes feel they are telling you what to do.
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@dorannmwin (36698)
• United States
19 Feb 13
I don't think that I could ever be the kind of person that stays at home all the time because I'm the kind of person that really does get quite restless. When it comes to friends, I have to admit that I don't have a lot of friends, but I do have some friends that I tend to spend a lot of time with. I am the kind of person that likes to go out and have a good time but I'm really not the kind of person that really does a good job when I'm around people that I'm not already familiar with.
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@dandan07 (1908)
• China
17 Feb 13
If I am staying at home, I think I'd like to bother my mom for something. Though my mom is always accused me to bother her, she feel good busy with things to do. If I stay with a person who is not my family members, I will choose my action by the person's interests. If he/she prefer quite, I will do something by myself with any botherment. While to the one likes sharing things together, I will try to find out something we are both interested in to talk with or do together.
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@chiyosan (30204)
• Philippines
16 Feb 13
hi there! i would probably not like to be going to a place where i am not comfortable. he he If it is work, i will force myself to go there and get out as soon as my time is up.. and will find another job where i can work freely.
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@rosekiss (30272)
• Eugene, Oregon
12 Mar 13
I am a shy person, and it is hard to start a conversation with anyone that I don't know. I do live alone, so in order to avoid being around a alot of people, I will stay home, and then it is because I don't have a lot of money anyway to be spending money that I don't have. I will talk to people if they talk to me first, but I really don't make an effort to talk to people, as I don't want to say the wrong thing. that is what really bothers me the most. I have done that before, and I didn't like the fact I said the wrong thing, but i don't remember what it was i said either. Take care, and have a very good day.