Common sense isn't very common when it comes to guns

United States
February 18, 2013 8:55am CST
Recently right wingers have been up in arms about the thought that doctors could ask if you have a gun in your house. When you first see a doctor they ask you a battery of questions to know more about you, and your medical past. With more and more people, and children being prescribed medication for behavior control, and mental illness it is imperative that doctors know if there is danger in prescribing these medications. Many of these medications do have suicide, and irrational thoughts as side effects. There are many studies out there claiming that firearms are much more likely to be used against family members than criminals, and recent news reports give us more examples of why people who have mental issues shouldn't have firearms in their houses. The NRA itself has said this is a huge problem with gun violence, but has stood in the way of allowing doctors to know what they are doing before something bad happens. But, how does a doctor, who is prescribing medication for the patient, know if he is putting lives in jeopardy if he isn't allowed to ask?
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