What A Talent!!!

February 18, 2013 11:46am CST
Last Saturday night, me and my family watched the new season of "Pilipinas Got Talent". a TV program here in the Philippines, showcasing variety talents of Filipinos all over the world where whoever wins at the end of the competition will receive a 1 million peso prize. What catches our attention, is a guy named Ronald, his talent is to off the candle using his flatulence. He is really ridiculous and I feel pity for him because many people are laughing at him. You never know if he just passed by or he just want to be seen on television because you know it's not talent anymore. Some people find it nasty. He is making his self a fool. http://youtu.be/V15lzgepjb4
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@Cutie18f (9563)
• Philippines
18 Feb 13
They need to define what real talent is. Sometimes we see a lot of these tricks and learned skills which exhibit grossness. I think it is the result of a want of real talents, I don't know. They should have a separate show for such bravado like The Grossiest in Pinas.
• Philippines
20 Feb 13
"The Grossiest in Pinas" what a nice title that you have thought. Well, sad to admit there are really many gross people here in the Philippines. People like that only wants to catch an attention of many people who's watching the show. If ever there is a contest like that of what you say, many people would probably join. But I think, no one would give away a million peso prize for such talent, skills,or whatever tricks is that.
@sishy7 (27594)
• Australia
20 Feb 13
I watched X-factor Indonesia while I was there recently and some of the contestants were pretty good. One of them who caught my attention was a blind young lady. When she sings, her facial expressions really show how much she sings from the heart and she is blessed with a beautiful powerful voice. I hope she goes far at the competition. She does have enough talent even to compete with other sighted contestants...