..the case of blade runner Pistorius stunned me..

February 18, 2013 10:29pm CST
Hey guys, i was taken by shock when i heard about Pistorius's case. I could not believe how a player of such a stature could even think of murdering his own girlfriend. it is such an inhumane act that should be condemned heavily. I do not know what might be the outcome of this shooting but i think Pistorius should have given a second thought before committing this heinous crime. I do not know what is wrong with people these days, even players are doing such things. why are people taking the tensions to this level that they are taking the help of arms and weapons? what are your thoughts on this? r u equally shocked like me? why are players venting out their frustration like this? Please do share your thoughts!
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@o0jopak0o (6406)
• Philippines
19 Feb 13
There are still not that much information on what really happened that night. Its either an accident or murder, but whatever the case is, his career might be over.
• India
21 Feb 13
Thanks a ton for sharing your valuable response. Yes u are absolutely right, i think there is no second thoughts about an accident, it is a clear case of a murder as Pistorius has himself admitted to it. His career was over the day he took to arms, i do not know what he gained from this entire incident, such a glorious career has come to an inglorious end. What say?
@sishy7 (27554)
• Australia
19 Feb 13
Now they are saying it was some type of "steroid rage" which caused the murder. All I know is that beautiful lady did not deserve to be killed by him. He has no rights to take her life, intentionally or not, it does not matter, he killed her.
• India
21 Feb 13
Thanks a ton for sharing your valuable response. Well yes u are absolutely right, he had no right to end her life, she must have had so many dreams to achieve, so mean and inhumane of him that he took it to arms straightaway and ended her life. it might have seemed so easy for him but he did not give ay second thoughts about the girl and her family. shame on such people! What say?
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