Swagbucks is a scam,please don't join Swagbucks before you read this post.

February 25, 2013 6:41am CST
Hello every online money makers,today i would like to notify and make you aware the reality of swagbucks. 1)swagbucks is found to be suspecting!Why because today,I login to my swagbucks account,and i tried to cashout $10,but it say I will recieve a verification mail to my postal adress I have in my swagbucks account...what the scammmm. Why don't the send me the verification PIN via email or Mobile no through SMS. This issue with swagbuckssssss found to be suspecting(scam),why because the postal mail is only for US,as it stated clearly..but can't say exactly because i never made any cashout from swagbucks. I've enough swagbucks now,and am afraid to lose those hard earned SB. Please if you have experiend such issues then kindly let me know. My PayPal account is verified and SB should directly send money to my PayPal email adress,but they are following a very long process. This type of process is same to ''Microworkers'',which i never got my payments,because i never recieved the verification code to my postal adress,and it's already 2months. So in my opinion swagbucks is a scam.I don't know how you get paid from SB or have you ever experienced such issues with SB. I would like to hear from SB member if possible. Thanks in advance.