i think i appreciate my computer more

@hotsummer (10449)
March 2, 2013 2:55pm CST
I thought i would just not use my computer since I have tablets. But i think I still like using computer a lot more at home. Though I would be happy to use tablets out side where I need to connect outside my home.
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@agmamayo (804)
• Philippines
7 Mar 13
Despite of the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets, we cannot deny the fact that desktops and laptops serve an important role in connecting us in the internet. Laptops may soon be a thing of the past in mobile computing merely because almost all smartphones in the market today are capable of connecting to the internet. Laptops may be another staple in our household sooner or later like the desktop, it will still be the king at home. Because of performance in multitasking, game performance, and higher storage capacity. the desktop is still useful for us at home, like myself I prefer using desktops in various ways that needs a higher performance and capability. I have a smartphone too which I use in mobile surfing but due to its limited storage capacity I only use it outside when I'm at the park or anywhere else besides home. So it really depends on what your needs are, as long as you are happy with what you are using and contented then you cannot really disregard old technology from the newer ones, then can combine in different ways to suit your needs.
@LoKoMoMe (511)
• Belize
5 Mar 13
that's what I think also, computer is more easy to use and you can browse the net much faster than tablets or Ipad. like what you did, I use the internet of my ipad only in the mall or wherever that have a open wi-fi. but when got home sometimes if im lazy to turn on my computer, so I do prefer to use my Ipad browsing..
@Asylum (48223)
• Manchester, England
3 Mar 13
I have never used a tablet, but I do use the same approach were my laptop is concerned. The laptop is for use outside the house, while the desktop is used whenever I am at home.
@mathos17 (68)
• Canada
2 Mar 13
I do prefer my computer over a tablet because it is way more powerful and it allows me to do more on it than a tablet. However, when I want portability I prefer my laptop to my desktop, but even then, since I have a 17" laptop, it's not that portable so I enjoy using a tablet. I use tablets only when I don't have my computer nearby, I don't need the power of a computer and my cellphone doesn't do what I want to do.
@nanayangel (7862)
• Philippines
2 Mar 13
Hi there Hot Summer! Wow! your username just reminded me that it's almost summer now, if it isn't already, here in the Philippines. Anyway, I still prefer having a desktop computer if I am going to use it at home, just like you. I do not have a desktop computer anymore though but I have my laptop.
@markIT (134)
• Philippines
2 Mar 13
Well, portability speaking, tablet is really ideal. lol! But in terms of maintenance or performance upgrade, capacity of multitasking, I preferred desktop computer. Though tablet, wherever you like to stay, at your bed, chair, anywhere you like you can bring it, but maybe it much depends on what you really enjoy doing so. But if you have both, then it's more fun. lol!
@MoonGypsy (4613)
• United States
2 Mar 13
that's exactly what i would do. i would use the table for outside the home and on the go. use the computer in the house. you have my freedom of what you can do.