wow! I feels WE ARE COLDHEARTED Now??? what about ya???

@Tushavi (2078)
Karachi, Pakistan
March 5, 2013 4:27am CST
hi to all well, since daily peoples getting killed here, I feels we all peoples here are heartless & cold hearted now, When I'm kid its 1998-99, If the 2-3 peoples getting killed in our city, we feels the pain & do some protest & every person feels the pain for them, but I guess now we are very selfish, daily 10-20 peoples getting killed in our city by the name of Religion,Race,Money,Power,Mafia & Politics etc, but we do nothing, 3 days ago 50 Peoples expire on bomb blast but we still watch our favorite TV Shows, The root cause of this all evil is "THERE IS NO JUSTICE" as you know we are Muslims & Islam teach us JUSTICE, we also read in old times Muslims Emperors even face Jewish Common peoples because they case against them & no body can saves from Law & Justice, I guess we have to work very hard for JUSTICE & LAW, I know here some peoples from Developed countries & they understand that If they live in peace its a cause of Equal justice, May God Gives us Peace & Justice, what about you??? have a nice day...
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• Australia
17 Mar 13
Hello Tushavi! I don't think it is because people don't care. I'm sure they still care but I guess it's because of how much crime is increasing in this world that although it's sad, it seems to be normal and expected now. Everyday someone is getting hurt, raped, murdered etc. Personally, I think it is only going to get much worse. Happy MyLotting. ~AussieGal~
• Indonesia
14 Mar 13
There are a lot of people dying or die because of the various reasons. In my country there are many cases like that. But of course I think even another countries have experience it too. My country’s law is not really enforced strictly, so many people are taking advantage to that holes. I truly hope it can be better in the future.
@rubyroy (824)
• India
6 Mar 13
Today world has become more selfish and intolerant.The meek is tortured and an eye for eye is the new rule.Even though there was a Man called Jesus Christ,who told the world that the meek shall inherit the world,if you pray and tolerate your enemy,to show the other cheek,if you are hit on one and to love your neighbour as yourself.He was the son of the Almighty,that is why he could preach and practice his doctrine,by dying on the cross for sinners.Nobody heeded his preaching or his sacrifice,so we are paying for it.Let us repent and turn to him to save the world.
@blackrusty (3530)
• Mexico
5 Mar 13
it is very sad that we have so much hate in this world and that we have to kill people i can only hope that we can all get along at some part on todays life
@natliegleb (5184)
• India
5 Mar 13
that is quite true as you pointed out the injustice continues and it is spreading like a virus and not only that many people are taking that for granted and entering the bandwagon which is such a bad sign
@cvodrey (227)
• United States
5 Mar 13
It does seem that there is much coldheartedness around the world. It is very painful to imagine innocent people being killed for whatever reason. And you are right. People go about their lives. There is a price for getting involved, and sometimes people just accept things as they are because they don't know how to change them. It's like staring at a train coming at you and not being able to move and not being able to stop it. Or watching a train heading towards others and not knowing what to do. I'm very sorry you are going through this, and I pray for you and the people in your town.
@dragon54u (31636)
• United States
5 Mar 13
Hundreds of people a day are killed here, too, but not for those reasons. It's mostly gang violence, lovers' quarrels, robberies and other things. Yet we are not longer horrified as a nation because it is so common. If a thing happens often enough people are desensitized. They may feel badly but they have no sense of urgency. Our politicians who make and allow the laws to be enforced are no longer interested in justice but only votes. Maybe it's like that in Pakistan. Our laws are not enforced and people keep dying because our politicians refused to let the laws be enforced and also keep sentences light when people are convicted of crimes.