Hello, What is a character in writing?

March 5, 2013 11:29pm CST
I have just registered in a site for writing and they say that they pay an article with mor than 400 characters. It is the letters? I also read that they pay for each comment or submission, so what about the comments which are brief.
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@owlwings (39601)
• Cambridge, England
6 Mar 13
A character (in Roman script) means a letter, a number or a symbol. 'A', 'a', 'é', '6', ';', '@', '$' are all single characters. A character count may either include spaces or not. On average, a passage in English will contain approximately 5 letters/characters per word, so a passage with 400 characters should contain approximately 80 words. The site you are referring to is Bubblews. Their payment system is based on the number of views, 'likes' and comments an article gets, so more descriptive and meaningful articles and comments are probably likely to earn more.
• Chile
6 Mar 13
Thanks a lot, but I still do not get it because if they pay for the likes and dislikes which does not include 400 characters, neither the number of views. INstead I read that they only pay articles which contains more than 400 characters, but they do not say how much is the payment for 1 view only,
• Canada
6 Mar 13
I would highly recommend that you do some research about it and you'll find information about 'pay'. Just look up 'reviews of blah blah site' and you will find a lot of information straight from others with their own experiences. As for earning with writing? I'd suggest looking into writing for magazines, enter contests, write a ebook and sell on kindle. Just some thoughts.