Parents of backpackers can get jealous

@maximax8 (27045)
March 8, 2013 3:49am CST
When I was on my trip around the world one of my friends was visiting an island off the coast of Spain. His parents felt jealous of my travels and thought of their own trip to Australia. They had limited time unlike me at that time. They flew all the way from the UK to Australia without stopping anywhere. They went to Sydney for a week, Ayers Rock and Alice Springs for a few days and Cairns for one week. They found all that flying exhausting. From Cairns they went to an island on the Great Barrier Reef. They were able to see the beautiful coral reef. My friend is not an adventurous traveler. He goes to that Spanish island once every year. His honeymoon was a cruise around the Med. The boss of a children's nursery had her 20 year old son visiting Bolivia and she felt really jealous. I hope my children carry on traveling when they are adults.
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@flamez3r0 (319)
• Puerto Rico
8 Mar 13
Hello :). I think that the problem is that most people want to travel the world in their youth, but end up not doing it because life catches on and ruins their plans. They either begin working or have children and when they meet someone who has traveled they remember they want to do it too, but by then its too late. As you said, they lack the energy or the adventurousness to really explore everything they could. It's really a sad thing, but at least you made them remember a little of their youth by living yours :).
• Philippines
17 Mar 13
I so agree. That is why I do not want to take my youth for granted. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to just take off without a job for months since I have accumulated quite a lot of responsibilities but ideally, I want adventure at every point of my life, even if it is just a tiny bit. So, I am seeking a job that would allow me to move to a new place for a longer period of time compared to a vacation and travel around.
@wolfie34 (26820)
• United Kingdom
12 Mar 13
Jealousy is a horrible emotion isn't it my friend, I really admire you for going to so many countries, I am not jealous of you, because all of us have choices, we all have it within us to travel if we want to, really if we put our minds to anything we can achieve it. I would love to travel more, but the simple fact is that my fear of flying, my anxiety and social phobia hold me back, I did a fair bit of travelling, not as much as you in my younger days and I am content at what I did and where I went. I hope in a way that your children have the same travelling interest as you. Plus you can help them so much about places you have been to and you can tell them the best places to go to! Experience is priceless.
8 Mar 13
I have to be honest - once I have a child and it grows up; if he or she went on an amazing trip and I had never done that or not yet done it, I would be a little jealous myself! Lol So even though I would be glad they had done it, I would definately be a little green with envy!! Haha!
• United States
8 Mar 13
I think I might feel jealous too. If my child traveled the world and I was stuck in the same place, especially if I was not too fond of where I lived.
@roshigo58 (4871)
• Pune, India
8 Mar 13
Hi, Why she felt jealous? you should not think about this. we meet many jealous people in our life. You should neglect them.