Why Does "Wipe Free Space" Take Extra-Long Every Other Time I Do It?

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
@mythociate (11662)
March 8, 2013 8:58am CST
My 'junk-file deleting program' (CCleaner) has an option to "Wipe Free Space"---which I turn on to clean what builds up from my traffic-exchanging screensaver (ask me for a link ... or 'MyLot "Search"' for 'traffic-exchange screensaver'). Sometimes the 'Wipe Free Space' takes longer than I have time to wait, so I end the program after the 'Wipe Free Space' has started. My CCleaner runs automatically when I start up my machine in the morning, and I had-turned on the 'Wipe Free Space' last night and -ended the program early; so the 'Wipe Free Space' was on when CCleaner ran this morning. I could've sworn there were only 30-or-so minutes left on the 'Wipe Free Space'-countdown when I ended it last night; this morning, I had to end it again---the countdown was at TWO-AND-A-HALF HOURS! Where did that two extra hours of data to 'wipe' come from!??