best movie so far---2013

March 14, 2013 2:11pm CST
since 1 january 2013 till now.. march 15th.. so far only 2 movie really good STOKER...which is very artistic..fresh cinematography style by korean director..forgotten his name..and this movie also produced by Ridley Scott..acted extremely well ..and very subtle and avant garde thriller told in a brilliant slow detail..that grips the audience to pay attention.. 9/10 and also WARM BODIES... this is fun.and smart way of telling a ..almost twilightish ZOmbie love story..kinda movie..without too much cheese...well made..and just fresh ideas and almost unpredictable plot..and good comedic ideas also applied plentiful here. 8/10 i ve seen alot of movies..averaging 3 the cinemas... (yes im crazy).. so far these are the movies i truly think u shouldnt missed..unless u think Transformers.and Avengers are the best movies in this planet ever..this discussion is not for u.. i yet to see OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL.. maybe next week in iMax theatre.. plus DEAD MAN DOWN..which i believe is a good good movie..good for even a nomination in the oscars next year 2014..but ..will let u guys know after i watch them both. meantime ..cheers..and discuss!
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@beingwell (3625)
• Thailand
15 Mar 13
I've seen OZ yesterday. It was entertaining; not great. It's interesting that a lot of movies now are into fairy tale themes. Hansel and Gretel, Jack the Giant Slayer; and now OZ. I wonder what's next. Well, in the previous past there was Snow White and the cartoon movie Rapunzel.. But now, there are certain twists to fairy tale movies that make you want to watch. (H&G was a disappointment, by the way!) Best movie for the year so far.... nothing good enough to be mentioned.
• Malaysia
15 Mar 13
go and watch STOKER.... WARM BODIES..theyre the best movies in 2013 so telling ya.. Hansel gretel is lousy..5/10
@katsmeow1213 (29047)
• United States
14 Mar 13
That's gotta get expensive. I might go see Oz this weekend, that looks really good.
• Malaysia
14 Mar 13 really excited to see OZ...cant wait.. hopefully iMax will me the experience worth it.