Importance of Fasting

fasting - fasting is good
March 19, 2013 7:42pm CST
Fasting may be defined as a period of complete abstinence from all types of food or just specific food.As the fast extends, the cleaning process is perfected, cleansing the body off fat, diseased cells, and mucus. When people undertake extended fasts, even toxins accumulated in the cells are removed. Diseased cells, dead cells, thickened coating of mucus on the intestinal wall, waste from - blood stream, liver, spleen, and kidney make an exit from the body. The body holds on to important minerals and vitamins throwing out toxins and old tissues. When the toxic load of the body is lessened, the efficiency of each cell is enhanced. This promotes healing. Thus during a fast, the body is on a ‘conserve energy’ and ‘healing’ mode. Fasting is a blessing to overcome addictions - to caffeine, nicotine, drugs, smoking and alcohol. Fasting helps lower withdrawal symptoms, which commonly deter people from overcoming addictions. Fasting helps lower cholesterol. Fasting improves mental alertness - when toxins are cleared out of the lymphatic system and blood stream, it improves mental clarity.
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• United States
20 Mar 13
This is true but for some it is not a good thing. There are a lot of people on certain medications or have specific conditions that require food and fasting will be more damaging to them then all the benefits it usually serves. Good post.
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• India
20 Mar 13
fasting - I like fasting
Thanks a lot for the reply.Have a nice and happy mylotting.
@cacay1 (33192)
• Cagayan De Oro, Philippines
24 Mar 16
I am fasting starting this Holy Thursday up to Black Saturday. I am doing this for 10 year snow.I love the Lord, so i have to be faithful to Him.Amen to this fasting of mine.