Building up my vocabulary...

March 20, 2013 3:42am CST
... this morning, I have been listening the news on the CNN where they have been talking about the Economy in England. In the titles on the bottom of the screen they put an anouncement including the expression or word: "triple-dip" and I am wondering what that means. Someone can help? Thank you very much in advance.
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@owlwings (40033)
• Cambridge, England
20 Mar 13
I think that this is referring to a "triple-dip recession", meaning a recession which has three low points in the graph (of currency prices, profits, exports or whatever other thing is being used as a measure of economy). A Guardian article which uses the word is here:
• Germany
20 Mar 13
Thank you, this information is very helpfull.
• China
29 Apr 13
oh, good boy, you maybe have a good sense of English, And listening to the news reports maintains a good way of learnin any kind of language, of course , your vocabulary will enlagred naturally. Sometimes I heard the CRI or the BBC , I would find my vocabulary is so limited. For the word you just posed: triple-dip, I think we can use the word-formation to solve it. "tripe" means "three times" and "dip"could be "down", and cause the word is about economy, so I guess it means 'three times decrease" hope we could chat more about this topic.