Fed up with the jealousy!

United States
March 21, 2013 8:59pm CST
I am SO upset right now! I just washed our blanket on the bed (he had peed on it) earlier this week. I took him out less than an hour and a half ago. He hasn't barked at all to be let out. I was just in our bedroom to pick something up and I started to pull the covers back over my side (they were turned down) when I felt it. This time, he peed on BOTH covers-and it got all over the mattress. I cannot even sleep in the bed tonight! I treat this little dog pretty damn good-take him out, feed him treats, brush him, and play with him. THIS is how he treats me! And he's staked out the other side of the bed, where my boyfriend sleeps. My boyfriend thinks this is a joke, that I'm making too big of a deal. I'm sorry, but if the animal starts wetting the bed, they need to go. My last boyfriend and his brother surrendered cats that crapped in their beds, but this one just suggested that I put a towel down and sleep. YUCK! Just makes me think that it's going to be me that leaves.
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@miryanag (348)
• Bulgaria
22 Mar 13
To be honest making your boyfriend choose between the dog and you is a little harsh It is not the dogs falt. He is just a dog and he acts like dog Its the human who has to set boundaries and take the time to sove the behavior problem. I for instace would never let anyone make me choose. It s not like your dog is agressive or something. Just don't let him on the bed.
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@topffer (31815)
• France
22 Mar 13
I agree with you completely : the best to do is to not accept the dog in the bedroom.
• United States
22 Mar 13
It s not like your dog is agressive Yes...that's why the dog attacked me and bite my face in the last month. This is not a new problem. I do not believe in allowing the dog to share the bed, but my boyfriend does not get it. He refuses to set boundaries for the dog, and that's why I've made the choice to leave when I get the chance.
@salonga (28078)
• Philippines
22 Mar 13
I just can't imagine how a dog can sleep in a master's bed? So sorry, but it is not common in our culture to allow dogs or cats to sleep in our beds. Pets do stay in their own house, that is the rule. We love them but never are they allowed to get inside the bedroom and even sleep and pee? Oh no!
• United States
22 Mar 13
I used to allow one of my dogs to sleep on the bed, but my bed was considerably larger, and it was only me at the time. And it didn't last long, but he also didn't pee in the bed. I have been pushing to NOT have the dog sleep in the bed for some time; this is strike two (he did it about six weeks ago). I was forced to sleep in the living room, in the rocking chair! My back hurts this morning!
@Hatley (163962)
• Garden Grove, California
22 Mar 13
hi scorpio that man has to go or you have to go as thats sick to say put a towel over it, Dog pee stinks to high heaven.Yuck tell him that dog goes or you go.I really would leave as he is just not thinking of you at all but just of himself.That is extremely selfish of him and a bit childish too.He should have grown up by now.
• United States
22 Mar 13
I'm going to make him flip the mattress tomorrow when he gets home-and he'll have to deal with the fact that he's got a choice to make. Our laundry budget is $10-it takes $8 alone just to wash the one blanket! He'll have to re wear dirty clothes for two weeks-or go without as much meet for two weeks. The money has to come from somewhere. And frankly, he'll have to wash his own socks and underwear instead of me! You're so right-he's got to grow up! I told him that he's got to make the choice. He barely takes care of the dog to begin with. I'm going to talk to the local college and see what my best options are to get a degree, probably in accounting. Probably tomorrow. I need to be able to take care of myself again, and that's not happening right now in this area. I'm also paying off a major bill (with his blessing) that's going to take a while-and I'm going to start stashing money away for me. I no longer trust him, nor will I consider marrying him. He doesn't know this yet, but he will soon enough.
@Octav1 (1421)
• Romania
26 Mar 13
I don't know the story, but judging from a dog lover's point of view, I can't accept the idea of abandoning a dog. It isn't fair to the dog. First you have to ask yourself this question: is the dog guilty in any way? In my opinion, he isn't. He is just a dog and he's acting like a dog because nobody tells him what are the rules of living with humans. He bit you, he peed on your bed... that shows nobody took time to train him. I think you should discuss this matter with your boyfriend and come to an understanding. He should take the dog to some obedience classes, so the dog will learn his place in the household.