should i worry about taking too many vitamins?

Nairobi, Kenya
March 24, 2013 10:27am CST
These days everything from bottled water to ordinary fruit juices seems to have souped-up levels of vitamins and minerals in hem. But I wonder if we are not in danger of getting too much of these important nutrients? And can these overloads not end up hurting us?
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@honor00 (186)
24 Mar 13
It is possible to overdose vitamins and minerals, but you need to ingest thousands of grams, so unlikely, don't worry.
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• Indonesia
27 Mar 13
As far as I know, there are limit for vitamin intake. But the limit is fairly high thannormal daily intake. But for precaution, you can check the bottle and if you already drink too much, you need to stop. There are some nutritional fact sheet on the bottle to refer to. Finally for healthy life, drink normal water more than flavoured or enriched water.
@squallming (1777)
• Malaysia
24 Mar 13
I have some friends in the field of food technology and dietetic, according to them, it is okay if you are getting the vitamins and nutrients from natural sources such as fruits. But, you should not overtake or even take the bottled type of vitamins supplement. According to them, taking these pills will somehow lower the base level of your vitamins and nutrients. These causes the need to rely on these manufactured bottled pills supplement in a long term basis. While in reality, taking vitamins from food and fruits alone is sufficient and healthy to get you going. What I can conclude is, it is not recommended for young people to take these manufactured supplements. Natural fruits are the best source. The manufactured supplements is only recommended when one aged. Because as we are older, we will not be able to absorb that much nutrients from food.
@doroffee (4230)
• Hungary
24 Mar 13
Excessive intake of anything can be unhealthy (maybe except for water :D). I've heard that taking too many vitamins can cause problems.
@MoonGypsy (4613)
• United States
24 Mar 13
i never really thought about it like that. i think your are right. however, i don't think those kinds of drinks really have any true vitamin value in them. i think it's all just marketing.
• Greece
24 Mar 13
Doctors I have spoken to say that taking vitamins is unnecessary if you have a well balanced diet. So I don't take any and I avoid fruit juice because it is mostly water.
@Hatley (164671)
• Garden Grove, California
24 Mar 13
hi HoneyPals too much of anything can be harmful but If one is careful to learn the daily prescribed doses of minerals and vitamins and carefully read the labels adding up the total for a day if we keep to the maximum allowed we should stay in good health, Also there are many thing with added vitamins I just do not need to use. I also try to eat most of my veggies from the produce aisle as a lot canned stuff will have added vitamins.Its all a matter of reading labels and just being more careful of what you consume.