How do you feel about TV adverts?

@maximax8 (28558)
United Kingdom
March 24, 2013 2:41pm CST
On ordinary television that appeals to grown ups I think adverts are okay. Some I find are boring and some are quite enjoyable to see. On a Sky TV channel called Nick Junior has programs like Peppa Pig which my 3 year old daughter loves to see. Then between each program it has many adverts. Some of these are for children's toys and kids slippers for the children's feet. There are adverts for grown ups like car insurance. What do you think about them having grown up like adverts on children's television?
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@AmbiePam (50083)
• United States
25 Mar 13
They know there are probably a lot of moms out there watching these shows with their kids. If I was responsible for spending my company's money I wouldn't bother doing that, but maybe if the company isn't very successful yet they have to start off slow. Buy add space that is on the cheaper side.
@doroffee (4230)
• Hungary
24 Mar 13
I don't like adverts for children's toys in breaks for children's shows. I find it unethical. OK, I know, this is the best way for toy manufacturers to get the kids begging their parents, but still, it's dusgusting. Otherwise, I like adverts. I know I'm crazy. I like analyzing, them, and I usually watch them with a marketing/screenwriting eye. How it tries to affect us and all that jazz :). Some are even funny and creative, and I usually love the songs used in them.
@kprofgames (3103)
• United States
24 Mar 13
I'm not a huge fan of commercials. Honestly that is what the mute button is for. I can see a need for nonchild commercials on kid's stations because they are targeting the adults that are watching along with their children. The only thing that really don't like is the amount of adult, adult commercials on at in appropriate times for young viewers.
@jambi462 (4598)
• United States
24 Mar 13
I really don't like commercials because you end up seeing way too many of the same commercials over and over again. I think that if we are going to be forced to watch so many commercials all the time than companies should have to keep coming out with new commercials so that way they don't become so monotonous. I think that commercials should definitely be more targeted to their audience so that way we aren't seeing commercials that don't even remotely relate to us.
@Asylum (48224)
• Manchester, England
24 Mar 13
It makes perfect sense to place adverts aimed at adults on children's channels. Most parents watch the programs with their children, in fact nobody sits in a room and ignores the television completely. The fact that you have noticed that they carry such adverts rather supports this point. I agree with you on the actual quality of adverts, some being extremely good and others quite boring or even annoying. The amusing factor that I have noticed is the amount of classical music used in adverts. I have recognised arias from a wide variety of operas among adverts, which amuses me because so many people claim to dislike opera but like the music from the adverts.