true love.. A myth?

March 26, 2013 5:18am CST
In this materialistic world it seems like love has lost its meaning. In fact love word in itself has become complicated.. It seems prety foolish to expect true love frm anyone..hw many of you believe in true love.?
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• Italy
28 Mar 13
I believe that even if the world today is losing the true meaning of love, True love still exists.. When I think about true love I think about a love which is pure, a love who is selfishless, a love who endures and go through the hard times.. This kind of love should be not only a feeling or an ideal, it can become reality but only when we meet the right person. We can't pretend to find it if we are not able to wait, to search and to fight for it.
• India
29 Mar 13
Indeed! Its true . But its really a very hard and difficult journey and there r very few lucky ones who get till the end.
@jenny1015 (13387)
• Philippines
27 Mar 13
I do believe in true love. It just so happened that the love just came at the wrong time. I say it is true love coz we both of us sacrificed a lot to make our relationship work. We just had to give it up for everyone's peace of mind.
• India
29 Mar 13
thats been the case in many love stories.. In this world u just cant sacrifice evrything. You have to take care of many relations , and cant just neglect all of them for a single relation . At that time the best and the most reasonable act happens to be the most painful too and thats to sacrifice our own hapiness, our own relation for their sake. Sad bt true..
• Lenox, Georgia
26 Mar 13
The problem is people mistake "true love" for "true perfection". There is no such thing as perfection. Not with anyone. True love does not mean the love is perfect. Nothing is perfect in this world, love is no exception. True love to me means sticking through everything together even in the hard times. Counting on each other, and trusting each other no matter what. Knowing that with the person by your side your life is so much better than it has ever been. My husband and I have been through losing a child together and we have been homeless together. Even through that we still stuck it out and loved each other. Too me, that is true love.
• India
26 Mar 13
indeed thats true love coz it shows the character of your relationship which isnt limited to being together in good times bt sticking in bad times as well.. That shows the trust between a couple n understanding between the two which is all important thing in a true love relationship.. Hope it stays the same ..
@WakeUpKitty (8704)
• Netherlands
26 Mar 13
It depends on the picture you paint about how true love should look like. You need to know yourself, need to know that nobody is perfect and you are not either. That true love doesn't mean your happiness only depends on what the love of your life does for you. You are responsible for your own life, needs, happiness. If you behave like a millstone around someone's neck, if you take it for granted someone is taking care of you and your needs full time you will surely send your true love away. In a relationship both have to invest and respect eachother as well.
• India
26 Mar 13
thanks for the well said words and point put forward in a good way bt different aspect of love not taken into consideration.. Its correct that u cant expect ur love to do evrything for u. Bt if you attend to ur own happiness than wt sort of relation is that.. A couple by relation both happy in their own worlds cant be claimed as true lovers. True love is a feeling where one is ready to sacrifice ones own happiness for the other. Thats true love.. Have you ever read.. 'the gift of maggi' where the couple sacrificed their most precious things for getting best gifts for one another.. Thats true love
@PiperMc (16)
• Camiling, Philippines
31 Oct 15
For me, true love really exist. it depends how you look at the meaning :)
@EddieHands (37763)
• United States
31 Oct 15
Once very long ago I used to believe so much in love poems. I even was a fool to listen to love songs. But in the end I learned that love truly did not exist in this realm. I often did try to find if this place was real. You know a place of love estasy and passion. But it seems this realm was full of lies. I don't think I can ever believe in any type of true love anymore. It simply does not exist. Love does not conquer all. For that was the biggest lie.