bored on same work

March 26, 2013 8:50am CST
I got bored by doing same work daily.simply i don't have interest to do my to make it interesting?is there any way to make my work challenging to do?
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• India
27 Mar 13
Sad to hear about this, doing same work again and again will surely give boredom. Take some rest, relax your self it will refresh you. Do your work with your full interest it will motivate you to do a lot of achievements. All the best.
• India
28 Mar 13
yes thanks for you advice
• Malaysia
26 Mar 13
yeah if you are in the manufacturing line, is boring but if you are in the service line, challenge alway every day like me as mechanic challenge alway do have, but if i need to use electronic tool to check what wrong with the car, so i step down as this is the job for my boss. not my job there.
• India
28 Mar 13
i m in production line. i have to make 200 numbers per day.
• Marikina, Philippines
5 Apr 13
Even though you do not like your work, you will become interested if you are always inspired and motivated. That is what I know. If we are inspired and always motivated, even if we are bored on same work, it will become challenge to us. It will become interested to us to do some more work even though we do not like it.
@cutepenguin (6457)
• Canada
29 Mar 13
I can see how that would be frustrating. My mom says that when she worked in a factory, she used to calculate how much money she made per minute, and then add it up as she went through the day. Sometimes I do that when I have to mass produce something, but I base it on time, instead.
@TLilly12 (1230)
• United States
26 Mar 13
When I get tired of work on, one of my web sites, I am glad I have other web sites, that I can go to to earn my money, because when you do the same thing, over and over again it does get a little boring, after a long while.